Thorough Carpet Clean Pack

Thorough Carpet Cleaning – $66 per room. Free on-site evaluation.
LOOK What You Get With This Package :

  • Pre-spotting (for general spots and stains)
  • Hot water extraction using the Rotary DryMaster extractor ( seen to the right. The DryMaster cleans all sides of the fiber, deep down for a Really Clean appearance! )
  • Wash Baseboards
  • Acid rinse (to neutralize pH level leaving carpet baby-soft)
  • Optional Dupont Teflon Only $30 per area! – up to 150 sf Carpet Protector (water based) Or ask us about our upgraded; Solvent-Based Protector!
  • Carpet grooming (ask for this service Free)

Dry time: 4-6 hours

Refresher Carpet Clean Pack

Refresher package is $40 per room. See our 2, 3 & 5 Room specials below! Additional areas: 35.00, not exceeding 150 sf each combo, L-shaped rooms and stairs are considered two areas.

With This Package, You Get :

  • Pre-spotting (for general spots and stains)
  • Hot water extraction (using standard carpet wand shown to the right)
  • Acid rinse (to neutralize pH level)
  • Carpet Protection (Optional)

Dry time: 6-8 hours

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning will be quoted on-site. Please call to set an appointment for your free evaluation and quotation.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Free on-site evaluation, 35c psf & Immediate Clean
With This Package, You Get :

  • Pre-conditioning all tile and grout lines with heavy duty industrial emulsifier
  • Scrubbing all grout lines by hand
  • Edge cleaning near walls and cabinets
  • Hot water extraction using our high powered tile & grout cleaning tool
  • Clean water rinse
  • Speed drying with high powered fans

Ask about Optional Grout Sealer (seals in to keep grout cleaner longer and helps protect it from cracking / splitting over time)

Dry Time: 2-4 hours

Upholstery Cleaning

Click Here! and find out why your upholstery should be cleaned

Standard Synthetic 3-Cushion Sofa from $75
Standard Natural Fiber (cotton) Sofa from $95

Loose Pillows (synthetic) from $5
Loose Pillows (natural) from $10

Sectional Sofa (synthetic) from $140

Leather Sofa 3-Cushion from $125

Our unique cleaning process, cleans thoroughly!

Ask about other upholstered cleaning
Ask about optional fabric protection