Pet Odor Removal

Your family’s lovable pet can be your carpets worst enemy. When mistakes happen its time to call Steam Wizard. We can neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated.

In some cases our cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases the urine has soaked through the carpet backing into the padding and floor beneath. Now the problem has become multi-layered and effective remediation will need to address each layer of the problem.

The Good News

We offer two different treatment programs. One is for temporary relief (less expense) and second, our complete urine treatment program is guaranteed to remove pet odor.

Once we complete our evaluation on-site, we will explain our findings and share our recommendations with you, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Our 100% Effective Approach

A Multi-Layer Problem: Urine to soak through the carpet into the backing, carpet padding and even into the under-laying floor creating a multi-layer problem.

Inspection: Under normal lighting conditions urine contamination may not be visible. Using ultraviolet light we can identify the problem areas.

Degree of Contamination: We can determine how many layers have been affected and the degree of contamination by using a moisture probe and checking the PH.

Sub-Surface Extraction: The problem area is flooded with a special neutralizer. Using sub-surface extraction the contamination is rinsed from all of the affected layers.

Understanding Urine/Pet Stains

Animal stains on carpets and rugs is one of the most frequently occurring problems.

If taken care of immediately, most pet/ urine stains leave no trace on the carpet. But if neglected, they can cause dye loss, fabric deterioration and odor. There are two ways in which the pet urine stain will affect the carpet:

Immediate effect: Some dyes may undergo noticeable color change (note: this color change is usually reversible unless neglected).
Long-term effect: These effects may not be noticeable initially. Over the succeeding weeks and months, some dyes may undergo permanent color changes. At times dyes can become weakened and tend to bleed. Carpet fibers may also be damaged by the chemical reactions between the fiber and the stain. Old urine stain smells strongly like ammonia. Wetting or moisture may increase this unpleasant odor. Urine may also support bacteria growth in carpet/padding.

The key to effective cleaning of pet/urine stain is promptness: blot up as much stain as possible using white, absorbent paper towel. Then rinse the affected area using household ammonia solution. Blot dry using paper towel. Rinse again using vinegar solution. Again, blot the area dry. for effective drying, you may use absorbent towels placed flat over the affected area and weighed down with heavy, flat objects like books.

Remember that professional cleaning or restoration might be required to take care of any discoloration (though can sometimes be permanent) and to effectively disinfect the area. In extreme case, the stain may be impossible to clean and may require removal of affected carpet and/or padding.

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